FAQ 1 - Why isn’t my site previewing properly?
Use preview the site in browser’, not preview page in browser.

FAQ 2 - I need help setting up Page Slider!
Click here to read an article that covers setting up the widget. Or watch the video tutorial here.

FAQ 3 - Where do I place the Main widget?
We recommend placing it on the Home page. The page that you place it on cannot be used as one of the sections or slides of your Page Slider. We also recommend that the only thing that you place on this page is the widget itself. Please reference this article to learn how to set up the widget.

FAQ 4 - Can I use my own navigation?
Yes, with the Button Widget you can create your own navigation buttons.

FAQ 5 - Can I have more than 20 slides?
Unfortunately, you can only have up to 20 slides per section. However, you can have unlimited sections.
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