Inside the Widget


Slideshow Height

Within the Option Panel of the Responsive Slideshow widget you will find two options for deciding the height of your slideshow within the browser. Use these two options to produce either of the following slideshows:
Smart Live Height
With this option selected your slideshows height will grow or shrink to fit the height of the current image. The transformation occurs as each image moves to the next, so all your users will see is a flawless transition. The positioning for your parts also change simultaneously.
Percentage Based Height
Determine the height of your slideshow relative to the size of the browser by selecting this option. Simply input the percentage you would like for your slideshow to be and how you would like the images to fill their containers. Like the Smart Live Height, your parts placement will automatically adjust to the size of the browser. 


Smart Part Positioning

Within the Responsive Slideshow Widget Option Panel you will find a checkbox that allows you to turn on Smart Positioning for your slideshow. Smart Positioning allows parts of your slideshow to actively adapt with the height and width of your images. With this feature direct the
  • Next and Previous Buttons
  • Captions
  • Lightbox Close Button

Each of these parts has its own section that allows you to determine where you would like the part placed relative to the slideshow. First determine the area you would like the part placed and then use the horizontal and vertical values to adjust further any placement needs. 
When using a Lightbox slideshow determine the spacing between your images and the browser by selecting a Lightbox Gap.
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