Applying the Widget

To apply the Responsive Slideshow Widget: 
  1. Place a slideshow onto the page using the Widgets Library Panel. The widget operates with all Slideshow types, even Lightbox. If you have a past project you would like to use the widget with, that will also work. From the Option Panel, you can add images to your slideshow and choose which parts you would like included on the page. 
  2. Drag and drop the Responsive Slideshow Widget on the page using the Library Panel. If you are using multiple slideshows on one Page, place the Responsive Slideshow Widget next to the Slideshow to apply the values to that specific slideshow.
  3. Add the images found within your Slideshow to the widget using the Images dropdown found within the widget. For an easy bulk upload go to File>Add Files for Upload… and select the images you included within your Slideshow. 
  4. The positioning and height features will automatically take place during the preview of your page. Therefore, parts can be placed anywhere by your slideshow within the Muse file and your content beneath the slideshow will be pushed down the page accordingly. Simply design the slideshow as you would with normally.



When using a new Slideshow from the Widget Library panel, it is always best to clear the widget of all styling and contents before designing to ensure the content and styling will be true to your design. To do this, right click the slideshow and select Clear All Styling then repeat and select Clear Widget Contents from the popup menu.
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