Responsive Slideshow FAQ

Can I use the Smart Positioning on the Counter of my slideshow?

The Responsive Slideshow works directly with the caption, next and previous and Lightbox close button. Unfortunately, other slideshow parts are not able to use Smart Positioning but are still fully responsive. 

Can I use multiple slideshows on a page with the widget?

The Responsive Slideshow widget is fully capable of directing multiple widgets within a page in Muse. To ensure that your slideshow is connected with the widget be sure to 
  1. Add the images found within your Slideshow to the widget
  2. Place the widget directly next to the slideshow

Which transitions are permitted with the Responsive Slideshow widget?

The Responsive Slideshow widget allows for a Horizontal or a fading transition. The Vertical transition should not be used with the Responsive Slideshow widget. 
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