Here are some helpful tips for using Page Slider.

  1. The Home page (or any page that you place the Main Widget) cannot be used as part of the project (as a slide or section), and should only be used for placing the widget.
  2. Turn off the Master Page on the Home page (or any page that you place the Main Widget).
  3. When designing your pages for page slider, keep in mind that you won't be able to scroll through a page. Page slider works by using scrolling to navigate between different pages. So, when you design your pages, it's best to keep them short (no bigger than 1000px height) since you won't be scrolling down any of your pages. 
  4. When creating your layout, consider using the pinning feature to control the placement of your objects. The Responsive Height and Vertical Positioning widgets can also both be used in controlling your layout.
  5. To preview your project, use 'preview the site in browser' instead of 'preview the page in browser'.
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