Sections Navigation

The Sections Navigation widget are tooltips that you can place on the page so that you can quickly navigate between different sections. In order for the widget to work, place this widget on your Home page (the same page that the page slider widget is on).



In the widget option panel you can change the styling, hover and active appearance, and the settings.
This section allows you to style the Tooltips. You can specify the width, height, background color, border color, spacing, rounded corners, border thickness, and opacity.
Specify background color, border color, and opacity. Check or uncheck the box to enable the effect.
Scale refers to how much bigger the tooltip will get on either the hover or active state. So if you set the value for hover scale to 10, the tooltip will become 10 times bigger on hover.
Responsive Positioning: Check the box to enable the feature. You must pin the widget to the top in order for responsive positioning to work. You can also specify the percentage the widget is from the top.
Transition duration: this refers to the amount of time the hover effect takes.
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