Slide Picker

Clicking on the Slide Picker widget allows you to see all the slides of a section at once. This allows you to easily pick a slide to navigate to.

Please note that Slide Picker only works for Desktop devices, the icon disappears on touch screens.



1 - Method:
The three options for method are scale, zoom, and slide. Here are examples of using the different methods (scale, zoom, and slide) of Slide Picker being for section2.



2 - Titles:
Here you can style the titles. The titles that show up are the optional title that you can input in the Section Widget. You can specify the background color/opacity, font color, font size, letter spacing, and background opacity.
To change the title font, select the Slide Picker widget and change the font in the Text Panel.
3 - Icon:
You can add an icon file to have an icon show up on hover. You can also specify the icon size.
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