Editing Slideshows

This article goes over general slideshow editing and how to edit the gallery slideshow and the homepage slideshow.

General - How To Add/Replace Images

To replace images, right click on a slide image and select replace image’.
To add images, open the slideshow options and select add images’.

Gallery Slideshow

How to Customize Slide Marker
Select the slide marker and customize it in the stroke panel.
Responsive Slideshow Widget
You don’t need to change the resize options on the slideshow. You can, however, change some options in the Responsive Slideshow option panel. You can change the largest breakpoint width if you happen to delete or change the 1400px breakpoint. Make sure that thumbnails’ is checked. Leave everything else unchecked.

Homepage Slideshow

Please click here to see the other page widget’ article. The other page widget controls the appearance of the slideshow.
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