Creating your own layout via Library Panel

Compose is a new type of template. We understand that sometimes you don’t want to use the entire template but just a part of the template, so we’ve decided to create a template and then we’ve created library items from different parts of the template. Now it’s easy to drag and drop objects such as styled contact forms, galleries, and more. This article explains how to create your own layout.

Step One
Install the QooQee Compose’ mulib file.

Step Two
You can create breakpoints by clicking on the icon beside the library item and dragging it on the page. 
Note: It’s recommended that you create your breakpoints on a master page so that it’s easy to have the same breakpoints on your other pages.
The library items are predesigned for five different breakpoints. You don’t have to use all the breakpoints, you can easily delete the breakpoints that you don’t want. You can easily delete a breakpoint by right-clicking on it and selecting delete breakpoint’.

Step Three
Drag an item from the Library panel onto a breakpoint. We recommend starting from the smallest breakpoint.

Step Four
Without deselecting your object, go to each breakpoint and move the object as necessary. 

Step Five
Continue to add other library items in the same manner. There are many variations to choose from.

Tip 1
Use the vertical move handle to quickly move objects down the page.
Tip 2
Often, objects will shift up between breakpoints, an easy way to get them in the right spot is to look at the ruler at the left and pick a value that is close to where you want your object to be. Enter that value in the Y location. Now your object will be brought into view and you can easily readjust it into the perfect spot. Note that your object should be selected the entire time in order for this to work.
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