The Main Master

Within the Main Master of Acapella you will find the key widgets that make the template possible. Within it you can customize your Shop, Search Bar, and Menus throughout your website. Read below for more information on doing just that. 

The Menus

Acapella uses a unique side menu throughout the site that puts your sites navigation in an easily accessible place for users. For larger breakpoints you will see the menu sticks to the left side of the viewport until you reach the 960px breakpoint. After the 1200px breakpoint, the menu can be found within the container for the Muse Menu. For more information on this widget, check out its Documentation and Demo Video.
Each text link is nested inside an encasing text frame. By selecting the individual link you can redirect or rename each link like a normal text box. 
To add an additional link
Create a text box and apply the appropriate Paragraph and Graphic Styles to the text. 
Rotate the box 90 degrees using the Rotation Angle Panel.
Cut the text box from the page using the Edit panel or pressing Cmd+X. 
Double click into the container found within the menu.
Paste the text box into the menu container. 
Use the Text Panel to further customize the nested and container text boxes.
The Home button is triggered using Hover for Other. To further stylize this interaction use the Hover for Other Option Panel to scale, fade and rotate the Home button. For more information on the Hover for Other widget, check out its Documentation and Demo Video

The Search Bar

The Master Page also includes the Search Bar Widget so your users can look for any specific item or album they may be looking for on your site. The Search Bar can be found nested within an Accordion widget. Open the Accordion to further customize the Search Bar using the widgets Option Panel and other styling tools. 
You’ll see that within the widgets Option Panel it is set to open on a different page. Refine the settings of the widget through the Master Page and allow the results container control the view of the search’s findings. 
Note: By making the Search Bar have live results for the user, the Search engine will load up all the pages from the site. For faster loading speeds, have your Search engine show it’s results on a different page after the visitor presses Enter.

The Shop

Shopify Shop elements that will be found on each page can also be found in the Master Page. To customize the shop options, cart and triggers use the corresponding widgets found on this page. For more information on the Shopify Store widget, visit its Documentation and Demo Videos. You may also refer to the Shopify Documentation for this widget here
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