Setting Up Shop

Acapella gives you an advanced designed shop with the works. By using the Shopify Store widget, you are able to customize every detail of your store down to the single selection buttons. 

Setting up Shop

The Shopify Store widget is already placed within the store pages in Acapella. To set your store up first make sure that your store is set up in Shopify. 
  1. Log in to Shopify and select Buy Button from the side navigation.
  2. Click Create token from the JavaScript Buy SDK Box.
  3. Copy the Access Token from the Buy Button tokens section. 
  4. In Muse, select the Shopify Store Main widget and open the Option Panel by clicking the blue circled arrow. Paste the Access Token into the API key area. This must be verbatim in order for the widget to connect to your Shopify Store.
  5. Input your store name into the corresponding area within the Shopify Store widget main option panel. If you aren’t sure what this name is you can double check in your Shopify Store Setting>General area. 
Now that your store is linked to the widget, each individual Shopify widget will link to this store if the Main widget is on that page (or its Master). 

Placing your Products

To link your products to their widgets
  1. Log in to your Shopify store and select Products from the side navigation.
  2. Select the product you wish to input. 
  3. From the Browsers URL copy the 10-digit number at the end of the URL. This is this products’ ID. 
  4. In Muse, select the Shopify Store widget and open the Option Panel by clicking the blue circled arrow. 
  5. Paste the number into the Product ID area of the widget. Each widget for this product must have the same Product ID inputed into this area to coordinate with your Shopify Store. Each widget has a Product ID area for you to paste this number into. 
Be sure to use the same names given within your Shopify Store to your widgets to ensure a smooth transition of your Shop. To learn more about setting up your Shopify store and widgets, check out the Shopify Store widgets Documentation for in-depth details and videos. 
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