Animated Entry Pro Options

Gap: Objects appear after they enter the view and pass this percentage of their height.
Easing: Control how your animation eases. There are six options. These options basically allow you to choose if your animation is slower at the start or end, and you can even add a small bounce.

Default Starting Values: 

These are applied if no number is typed next to the indicators.
For example: 
  • Scale = the default scale value applies
  • Scale75 = starts with 75% size of its original
Duration: Default time of duration for the animation.
Ex. 2 = Objects take 2 seconds to complete their animation.
Distance: Default starting value for up, left, right, down. The distance objects move.
Ex. 70 = Objects move from 70px of their original position.
Scale: Default starting value for scale.
Ex. 50 = Objects start the animation with half of their original size.
Rotation: Default starting value for rotate.
Ex. 45 = Objects start moving with 45 degrees more than their original rotation.

Important Tip:

Sometimes the widget may be unwillingly applied to an object. Let’s say that you have an object and you’ve applied the graphic style name lineup” to it. Since up” is one of the indicators and it’s also inside your graphic style name lineup”, the animated entry pro widget may accidentally be applied to it.
To prevent this, type NAN in that object’s tooltip, and the widget will not be applied to it anymore.
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