Animated Entry Pro FAQ

1 - Animated effects are being applied to an object that I didn’t assign an indicator to!

This is probably happening because you have another tooltip applied to an object that has part of an indicator within it’s name. If the widget is unwillingly applied to an object, type NAN in that object’s tooltip, and the widget will not be applied to it anymore.

2 - Can I apply more than one indicator to an object?

Yes of course, simply separate the indicator names with spaces. 

3 - When I overlap my objects, my indicators aren't being applied properly...?

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to fix this issue, this is how muse structures the objects into one unit, so there is no way around it. Keep this in mind when applying the widget to objects in Muse.

4 - Can I still add a tooltip for SEO purposes?

Yes, this can be done by surrounding the tooltip that you wish to use for SEO purposes with parenthesis. In the sample below, qooqee tooltip is being used as a tooltip for SEO purposes.
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