Echo FAQ

1 - I need help with Paragraph Styles!

See these articles:
Why Paragraph/Graphic Style isn’t working.
Redefining Paragraph Styles

2 - How can I customize Color Swatches

See: Customizing Color Swatches

3 - My mobile menu isn’t working.

See: Responsive Muse Menu FAQ

4 - How can I add items to the collections menu?

See: Menu

5 - I can’t preview my video on the homepage.

Please upload your site in order to preview the video.

6 - My icons are appearing pixelated in the image field widget.

Make sure that your file isn’t missing. Also ensure that you saved your png file as a png-24 and not png-8.

7 - Can I add a link inside the image field widget?

No you cannot.

8 - Can I add a link to my slideshow?

No you cannot.

9 - How can I disable the fixed content at the top?

Unpin it from the top so that it is no longer fixed.

10 - How are the animation effects created and can I add them to other objects?

The animation effects (where text/images come onto the screen) are created by using the Animated Entry Pro widget. This widget can be found on the master page. Instructions for using the widget can be found here.
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