License Mismatch Error (After Changing the Domain/Server)

Since the license activation is domain-based, your license will not automatically match if you copy the files from one server to the other (after the activation), or change the domain which is pointing to the server.

In this case you will need to reset and re-activate the blog/cms on its new location/domain.


1) Resetting the Blog/CMS

You can simply reset the system by removing the following files on your server. After removing them, the configuration wizard appears on the blog/cms page, like the first time you opened the page. These files are generated by the blog itself and will be at the same directory level as the rest of the html files:

muse_blog_db.sqlite (exists only if you have chosen the sqlite option)
blogimagesuploads (directory for the post images - remove only if you don't want to restore the posts)

IMPORTANT:  Removing these files will also remove the entire contents of your blog. If you would like to restore the posts afterwards, please 1) download a backup of the "muse_blog_db.sqlite" file prior to the removal, and 2) don't remove the "blogimagesuploads" directory. If you are using MySQL and there is no Sqlite file, you will be able to re-connect to the same database for restoration.

After removing these files, your blog will be reset and will show the installation wizard like the first time. If you would like to restore 


2) Re-Activation

You can re-activate the Blog/CMS on its new location/domain, if you have one of the two domains left on your license. Each license can be activated on a maximum of two domains or subdomains. In case you already ran out of domains on your license, you can obtain a new one by purchasing the product. The new Order ID in combination with your QooQee-shop associated email will become your new license ID.

If you are planning to restore the data in the next step, the Admin account you create during this step will be temporary. It will be overwritten by the old one in the next step.

Also we recommend to use SQLite in the step, even if you used a MySQL database earlier, which you will restore in the next step. The reason is that you cannot create the same admin account during the activation process, while you are pointing to a MySQL database which already contains that admin account. It is easier to temporarily re-activate with a SQLite database.


3) Data Restoration (optional)

After re-activating the blog, the blog will re-generate the files which we removed earlier.

1) The original database was SQLite

You can restore the contents and accounts by uploading ONLY the "muse_blog_db.sqlite" file (which you downloaded as a backup earlier) to your server and overwriting the newly generated one. You are done!

2) The original database was MySQL


Please go to the settings section of your blog/cms and simply point to the MySQL database. This will restore your posts. Then you can remove the newly generated "muse_blog_db.sqlite" file on your server, which was only generated during the activation process, if you selected "SQLite" then.


Done. You have re-activated your blog/cms and optionally restored the old posts.

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