Axle FAQ

Where are the pages connected to my page with the Other Page widget?


To find nested pages within your site click the double arrow beneath that particular page from the site map. You can tell a page has children if the icon is three stacked pages. 


How do I remove versions of pages I do not want in my site?

If you are finding that for some reason the Other Page widget is not pushing your content down the page to adhere to your design, place a rectangle just between the Other Page widget and your content. This rectangle should be resized to stretch to the browser width and be no more than 10px in height. This rectangle should not be filled or styled as well.


Why can't I find an element within this breakpoint?


If you can't seem to find a particular element from one breakpoint in another, that element is probably hidden for that breakpoint for visual design purposes. If you would like to undo this, right click an empty space on the page and select Show All in Breakpoint from the menu. 


How do I remove versions of pages I do not want in my site?



To remove a version of a page from your site, go to the Site Map page. Hover over the page you would like to delete and select the grey X in the outer right corner. Pages can also be duplicated within the Site Map by right clicking the page and selecting Duplicate Page. 


Why is my smaller viewport menu open when I preview the page?

The smaller viewport menu uses nested Accordion widgets to create a multilevel menu. Before you publish a page collapse the accordion tabs to make sure it does not load opened for your viewers. 

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