The Product Pages

You will find within the AXLE template 3 versions for your Products page. With these options you may duplicate, delete or transfer any page to work for your sites specific content. Keep what you want, delete what you don't.


Full Screen
An image heavy layout for your single product. This layout uses the Other Page widget for larger breakpoints to give visitors a full view of product shots. For more details on working with the Other Page widget visit its documentation here.
A layout that makes your product the real hero of the page. Replace the header image with one of your products best shots and let the PayPal store widgets do the rest. 
A gridded and structured layout with opportunities to link similar or popular products based on the single product shown. 



To remove a version of a page from your site, go to the Site Map page. Hover over the page you would like to delete and select the grey X in the outer right corner. Pages can also be duplicated within the Site Map by right clicking the page and selecting Duplicate Page. 

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