The Bio Page

The Bio page has many features that allow you to present yourself to your visitors. Replace the content with your own and style as you please. The pages’ three sections each has a widget that helps you do so.

Career Timeline
Use this section to input any highlights you would like to display to visitors. This section includes Muse’s Tooltip Composition. Each section moves as a separate component and can be styled using the Muse Styling panels. To style the dividing line select the Rectangles and use the Stroke Panel to change the color, width and alignment of the pieces.

Client Counters
My History displays your experience interactively. Replace the text with information that is relevant to you and customize each part individually. The counters use QooQee’s Skillbar widget. Use the Option Panel to change these values or to make them percentages. For further details on working with the Skillbar widget visit its documentation here

Quote Cards
The quote cards found at the bottom of the page use the Hover for Other widget with State Buttons to create interactive cards for your testimonials. For more information on working with State Buttons, check out these docs. Hover for Other objects are able to use the States panel to further detail each interaction. Use the States panel along with the Hover for Other Option Panel to customize the timing and style of your Rollover interactions. For further details on working with the Hover for Other widget visit its documentation here
Note: We recommend toggling Showing Frame Edges so you are able to see the boxes for each piece of the quote card. 
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