The Services Page

Like the Bio page, the Service page includes collaborative widgets that give your visitor a better understanding of who you are. The Composition found at the end of the page has two parts. 
The Composition
The Service slider uses Muse’s composition widget to display the type of photography services that are provided and also the equipment used. Drag and drop content into the corresponding areas to display your own information. The composition can also be styled using Muse styling tools.
The Accordion
The Accordion widget is nested within the Genre content area along with static black and white images. When each tab is selected the full color version slides down from the opened Accordion tab. To change the black and white photos simply right click the image and Replace the Background Image.
To change the full color image:
  • Open the Accordion
  • Double click into the Content Area
  • Right click the Content Area
  • Select Replace the Background Image
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