The Menus

The Allure template comes with three different menus. Each provides its own set of details to help your users navigate your site. 

Main Menu
The Main Menu uses the Composition widget to create a hovered clickable dropdown. Use the Paragraph and Graphic Styles applied to the Main Menu to adjust the style of each piece. For further customization use Muse’s Styling Panels like the Fill and Stroke panel. 



The pieces of the submenu can be aligned by selecting the parts and aligning either by using Guides or aligning to Key objects. After all the objects you would like to effect are selected, use the object you would like to align them to as a selected Key object. You can tell an object is being used as the key object if its outline is bolder than the other selected objects. 


Small Device Menu
The Small Device Menu is activated after the device screen size is 550 pixels or less. This menu uses QooQee’s Multi-Level Accordion to give you an animated dropdown menu. Use the Paragraph and Graphic Style panel to ensure each tab is using the same styling. Use the widgets Option Panel to change the text content. 
For more information on customizing the Multi-Level Accordion, click here

Project Directory Menu
The Project Directory Menu is a push menu that allows users to travel through your projects. This menu uses the Responsive Muse Menu. Each tab includes the project preview image, a gradient Rectangle and the text of the project. Use Muse’s Styling panels to customize the look of each tab and the panel itself. To change the images of each project:
  • Right click the image
  • Select Replace Background Image from the menu
Use the Muse Menu Option Panel to adjust the direction, speed and overlay effects of the menu. For more information on customizing the Multi-Level Accordion, click here
Note: We encourage you to toggle on the Frame Edges so that you are able to see and interact with each part of the menu. 
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