Combining Widgets

You can use the Search widget with other Muse widgets easily. Make interesting and intuitive search bars for any page on your site. 

Combining the Search widget with Muse Library widgets
Place a Composition widget onto the page.
Clear all styling and Widget Contents from the Composition by right clicking and selecting these options from the menu. 
Open the Composition widgets Option Panel, and change the following settings accordingly.
  • Show Target: On Click
  • Hide Target: None
  • Deselect Auto Play
  • Select Triggers on Top
  • Select Hide All Initially
Place the individual widgets of the Search widget on to the page. 
Move the Search bar widget and the Search Button into the Trigger of the Composition.
Move the Results text frame into the Target of the Composition. 
Style the widgets as you please. For more details on styling the widgets and customizing each part visit the Search Widget documentation.
Note: To make this Search Bar responsive once nested within the Composition widget, be sure to place the Responsive Composition widget onto the page. 
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