The Search Results


The results widget is a special text box that contains the different parts of the Results area. Each part is attached to a Graphic Style and should be kept as given. Each individual part can be styled just like a text box would using Muse’s Styling Panels. 


Note: When placing the widget onto your page you will notice a reminder of best practices when using the Results widget. Keep this in mind when working with the widget, but you can delete it once you’re done reading it. 


The Parts

A. Results Frame

The container of the content found for the visitors search.

B. Number of Results

The amount of results found from your visitors search with the length of time to find the results. 

C. Result Title

The title of each individual result found from your visitors search.

D. Result Link

The clickable link to each individual result.

E. Search Term 

The styled appearance of the searched term within the result description. 

F. Result description

The description of the found results for your visitors search.

G. Related terms section Title

The title to the section for found terms that are related to the terms used within the original search.

H. Related terms

The found terms that are related to the terms used within the original searched terms.

I. Results Page Number

The page number buttons for the active and normal state. 

J. Back/Next Button

The appearance of the Previous and Next page navigational buttons. 


Note: In general, we do not suggest you remove any part of the Results area. However, if you do choose to delete a part then you should immediately preview the page to ensure each part of the results is working and looking correct. Otherwise, undo the changes because that part of the widget cannot be deleted.  



Customizing with Panels

Because each part of the Results widget operates just as any text box would, feel free to customize your Results panel using Muse Styling Panels. Use the Fill and Stroke, Text and States Panel to apply your designs to your search results. 


The space given to an individual part is seen as the minimum size. To adjust the padding within a certain part, use the Spacing panel and add Padding as you please.


If you would like your results to be responsive, select the Results frame and change its properties through the Resize panel. All the interior content will adjust accordingly. To edit the Results frame use Muse Styling Panels as well. The messages style are taken from the frame as well.

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