Search Widget FAQ

Can I have multiple search widgets on my website?
Yes. You can have more than one search widget for the same website. However, it is recommended that you keep only one search widget per page.
Is the Search widget responsive?
Yes, the Search widget is responsive. To make your search bar and its results responsive:
Select the Search bar and the Results frame.
Open the Resize panel. 
Select the type of resizing you would like for your search bar and its results.
Can I use the Search widget with other widgets?
Using the Search widget with other widgets like the Accordion and Composition widget has the potential to create interesting search bars for any type of page. For a step-by-step tutorial on using the Search widget with Muse Library widgets click here
Why is my widget not appearing?
If you are finding that a part of your widget is not appearing when you preview, first clear all the styling to that part. Then you can re-apply the Graphic Styles or style that individual part as you wish.
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