The Search Bar

The Search Bar

The Search Results

The Search widget allows you to have the visitors search results either Live or on a predetermined page. To customize these options, select the appropriate option within the Search Bar Option Panel.


Live Results

To allow visitors to view their search results on the same page as the search bar:

  1. Select On this Page’ within the Search-Results are section. 
  2. Choose whether you would like the results to be appear as the visitor is typing within the Search bar or after Enter has been pressed. 


Alternate Page Results


To send visitors to view their search results on an individual page:

  1. Select On a Different Page’ within the Search-Results are section.
  2. Input the page name that you would like to use within the Search-Results Page name section.  



To style the Search bars Padding, Placeholder Text, and Placeholder Text color use the Styling Dropdown within the Search Bars dropdown section. Any further customization can be done using Muse Styling Panels. To add more padding to the interior of the bar use the Spacing panel. 




Note: You can disable the auto-complete option within the Styling dropdown section of the Search Bar. 


Assigning the Search Bar
To make the Search bar a text box rather than the widget you can use the Assigning dropdown section of the Search Bar. 
Assign a Graphic Style to the text box you would like to use. 
Check the simple text-box option within the Assigning dropdown. 
Input that Graphic Style directly into the widget within the Text-Box Graphic Style area.



The Search Button

The Search button is customizable using Muse Style panels. To change the icon of the button use the Fill Panel > Image > Select an image file from your server. Use the States panel to customize the hover state of the button.
Note: Be sure to keep the Graphic Style of the Search button and the name found within the Search Bar section identical to ensure the button operates correctly. 
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