The Main Widget: Customizing Settings

Use the Settings dropdown to further customize how your search operates for your visitors.
Open Links in New Window
Select this box to have all clicked result links open in a separate window than the search.
Disable the following parts of the results by deselecting their boxes accordingly. 

The description of the found results for your visitors search.

Related Terms

The found terms that are related to the terms used within the original searched terms.


The length of time it took to retrieve the result.


The result URL Link to the the found result. 

Partial Terms
Select this box to allow visitors partial terms to find results. For example, doc’ could return the results for doctor’ and document’.
Customize your results settings using the following areas.
Results per page

Input the maximum amount of results found per page. 

Search character minimum

Input the minimum amount of characters a word must have in order to yield search results.

Description Word Count

Input the amount of words used within the description area for each result.

Characters before the search term

Input the amount of characters that are before the styled search term. 



Interface Text


Customizing Interface Language

To customize the language seen throughout your search widget, change the settings within the Interface Text dropdown. From here you can further help your search bar coordinate with your sites language.

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