How to create a new menu for a new breakpoint

Sometimes, you may want to use the Responsive Muse Menu on only mobile breakpoints, or you may want to change the content of your menu for mobile breakpoints only. In order to do this, please follow the steps below.


Step One

In the new breakpoint, where you need an entirely new menu, place a new copy of the widget from the library panel onto the page. Or copy and paste all aspects of your existing menu (Menu Widget, Menu Container, Close Button, Menu Trigger) onto the page.


Step Two
For the new copy of the widget, you need to assign a new graphic style name to the new trigger, container, and close button. As an example, for my new menu and it's components I added a 2 to the end of each graphic style name. If you need additional help with creating graphic styles please click here.



Step Three
After updating your graphic style names, place the version of the menu and all of it's components that you don't want to appear above your page so that it does not show up. It is important to NOT hide the menu because doing so will cause your menus to not work properly.


Step Four
Finally, open the Main widget option panel for your new menu and update the graphic style names for the Menu Container, Close Button, and Menu Trigger. These options can be found under "ASSIGNING" and "CLOSE BUTTON".




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