Responsive Muse Menu FAQ

My menu isn't working!

You probably have the Responsive Muse Menu hidden on one of your breakpoints.

When using the Responsive Muse Menu, please make sure that you DO NOT hide it on any of your breakpoints. Hiding any part of the Responsive Muse menu on any of the breakpoints will cause it to not work properly.

If you have multiple copies of the widget, please ensure the following:

  • Each copy of the widget is visible on every breakpoint.
  • Each part of the widget has a unique name. For example if you have two different triggers give them unique names, menutrigger1 and menutrigger2.
  • You are not using the same trigger or close button for different copies of the menu. Each new menu needs it's own unique trigger and close button.

See this article for further instructions. 


How do I align the text to the center of the Menu?

Sometimes the Responsive Muse Menu will automatically center align the text to the Menu Container. To set the text to align to the left or right:

1. Once the content is placed within the Menu Container, select the text until the actual text of the textbox is completely highlighted.

2. Using the Text panel, select the Center Align button and then the alignment button you would like to use (left or right).

Each text box must be done individually for the textual content of that box to take on the alignment property you selected. To keep the text centered within the Menu there is nothing needed to be done. 


Where should I place the Menu Container?

The best way to keep the Menu Container, in the design view, is to place it outside of the working area, in the grayed area, at top-left side of the page. Make sure that the menu container is not at the right side, outside of the working area, but somewhere on the left, or it may cause the horizontal scrollbar appears on smaller screens.

Having said that, the menu container can be placed almost anywhere and it will not appear in the preview/published version, but placing it at the top-left outside of the working area is the safest option. 



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