Customizing Forms

Forms are yet to be responsive within Muse. To make sure your forms are appearing properly for every device you must change the size for each breakpoint. For each breakpoint, make sure your form is smaller than your next smallest breakpoint. Infuse has pre-designed and sized forms for your use.
Customizing the Contact Form
    1. Select the form group.
    2. Click the blue arrow to open the forms’ Option Panel.
    3. Customize the form options.
    4. Use the Fill and Stroke panel to customize the colors of your form.
Styling Form States
You can customize the following states of your forms: Empty, Non Empty, Rollover, Focus and Error. To change the styling for a state:
  1. Select the form field.
  2. Select the state you’d like to change in the States Panel.
  3. Customize each field’s state using Muse styling like the Text, Fill and Stroke panels. 
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