Customizing Styles

Customizing Paragraph & Graphic Styles


You can customize and updated Infuses’ predefined paragraph and graphic styles that can be applied across the entire template. 


Click here to learn how to customize paragraph styles. 

Click here to learn how to customize graphic styles.

Click here if your paragraphic/graphic style isn’t working.


Redefining Iconography

Easily replace the social icons using the Fill Panel. 

Select the Icon.


Click on the Fill button. Then, select the image link.


Select the icon file you would like from your hard drive and replace the image.


Customizing Swatches

Customizing the predefined colors for your site can be easily done using the Swatches Panel. 



Open the Swatches Panel.


Right-click on the swatch you want to change and select Swatch Options... 


Input the color you would like to use.


Click OK and the color will be updated throughout the template.

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