Scroll Effects FAQ


Can I have more than one handle on the same page?

Yes. With the Scroll Effects widget there is no limit to the amount of pairs of handles you have within one page. 

Do I have to have a Finish handle?

No. If you wish to have only two effects occur only having a Start handle for your object will do fine. 

Where can I place the handles on the page?

Handles can be placed anywhere on the page, even on the actual page. If your layout seems off when you preview, place the handles on the actual page with the content to make sure that your Start and Finish handles are moving respectively with your fluid content.

Respectively, content should be placed between the two handles. 

How do I make my objects align in the browser?

The distance between the top of the Start handle and the top of your object is upheld when scrolling. To make sure items are aligned make the distance between the objects and their Start handles exact. 

Why is my object not doing the three effects I inputed?

In order to have three effects occur on your object, allow the distance between the Start and Finish handle to be greater than the browser height. This ensures that the object will have an effect when the Start handle has yet to pass the top of the browser, when the Start handle passes the browser and after the Finish handle enters the browser from the bottom. If you'd only like one or two effects then the handles can be placed closer together. 



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